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Mission – To promote the joy of Latin social dancing within an inclusive community of dancers.

Who we are – Founded in Dec. of 2001, our goal is helping to bring opportunities to enjoy, learn, listen and dance to Latin social music styles to the Central Virginia region.

Our socialsWe endeavor to create the best socials for dancers to learn to love Latin social dancing. A beautiful venue, professional instructor, and music that inspires creative expression thru movement, and played loud enough to feel, but not so loud you can’t talk (it’s a social after all!).

Location -We are currently without a venue for the socials, we’ll be back ASAP!

When – Currently we are not holding Sunday Salsa socials due to not having a venue but are trying to find one… We are having a Saturday social on Sept. 3rd, 2022 at Grace Estate Winery (see “Special Events”)