Bachata Fusion

Finally! Bachata Fusion will be back weekly starting Wednesday, June 23rd at the Ix Art Park. We’ll be outside (on the piazza) and early (7:00pm – 10:00pm). This 1st one will be an extra lotta bachata! DJ Butchata has a bunch of bachatas acquired during the quarantine. Hope to see all you bachateros locos!

You can pre-purchase tickets here:

Bachata Fusion features one of today’s most popular Latin musical and dance styles. This weekly party is 6 years old and has attracted a strong following of bachateros from the Cental Virginia region: Harrisonburg, Richmond, Lynchburg, Waynesboro, and others. Edwin Roa teaches a fun beginners’ to intermediate level bachata lesson to get the party started. Then DJ Butchata plays music that encourages an expressive dance style.